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A new addition.

So it has been a while between posts! Normally I know when I’ll be busy and have a few posts ready to keep me going, but this time the time just really got away from me! I’ve spent the last week marking exams and not sleeping… it has been full on, but after this week I am finished! So I’ll have lots more time to post blogs, and also more time to spend getting to know our new kitten!!

Yes, that’s right, we have 3 cats now (… and before you ask, we checked with our council first!) so we are officially crazy cat people. Here are a few photos of her introduction to the house (and to Archer’s paws!!)

secondhand floral | new kitten-1secondhand floral | new kitten-2secondhand floral | new kitten-3secondhand floral | new kitten-4secondhand floral | new kitten-5secondhand floral | new kitten-6secondhand floral | new kitten-7secondhand floral | new kitten-8secondhand floral | new kitten-10secondhand floral | new kitten-11secondhand floral | new kitten-9secondhand floral | new kitten-13secondhand floral | new kitten-12secondhand floral | new kitten-14

We got Luna from the Cat Haven; and there are more photos of her over at Still Love.

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