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Being thankful.

So thanksgiving isn’t really a thing in Australia. I mean, that makes sense right? Thanksgiving is all about pilgrims and native americans and stuff, so it’s not particularly relevant. But there are still a few people who celebrate it – particularly people like my mum, people who have spent time in the US and realise the value of celebrating it.

After celebrating thanksgiving for the last two years, I am sold. It’s a time to bring people together and enjoy ourselves over food – there’s no obligation, no presents, just a relaxing afternoon with family and friends, feeling grateful for what we have. That works for me!

I took a few photos of the set up – it was so lovely! I think my mum missed her calling as a stylist.

(And spot Glenn hiding away from the festivities on his laptop!)

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Marie - Oh beautiful photos daughter dear – glad you loved it. You are loved too Miss Socondhand Floral!

Secondhand Floral - Thanks mum! I’ll just take in your kind words and ignore the misspelling of my blog name….. :)

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