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Picnic with Maebe.

So…. it’s been a while. I want to try and explain why, so… shit is gonna get a bit deep. Sorry about that. Secondhand Floral was originally a place for me to document outfits, adventures and kittehs…. and I think my priorities have changed a bit, in terms of how I view photography and in […]

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Documenting family.

After finally getting my hands on the first issue of Alphabet Family Journal, and reading through the beautiful stories contained within it, I have resolved to taking more photos of my fur children. Not just taking an iphone photo when they do something cute, but taking proper photos of them as they are in every day […]

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Distraction and motivation.

I would love to say that the reasons for my lack of posting here lately are due to so many distractions – that because we have been so busy with weddings, I haven’t had time to post. And we have been busy – we have one or two weddings every weekend until mid May, at […]

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Archer’s first birthday.

When we first brought Archer home from the cat haven, we thought he was the meekest kitten we had ever met. He was the only kitten who hadn’t been adopted, and was hidden away in a little corner of his pen. He had grey fur all down his back, as if he had suffered something […]

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2013 on instagram.

I’m a little bit addicted to instagram. I try to post something every day, and I check it constantly. I guess as a photographer, it makes sense that my favourite form of social media is focussed upon photos. So I thought it might be nice for me to farewell 2013 by sharing some of my […]

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