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Cat boat.

So as you may have realized at this point, Glenn and I are massive cat people. We like all animals really, but we have a special obsession reserved just for cats. So when Glenn found a cat shelter based on a boat, that people can visit, of course we had to go. The cat boat […]

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Flowers and cats.

Flowers and cats: two of my favourite things! We were back up at Mum’s house recently, so we took some photos around the property at sunset – picking flowers and playing with Mum’s cats :) Top: vintage (from Retropolis in Houston) Skirt: vintage (from Vintage Emporium) Cardigan: Sportsgirl (similar here) Shoes: ASOS

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Maebe and Archer outside.

Maebe and Archer are inside cats. Maebe used to be an outside-sometimes cat, but then she got locked in a neighbours shed for 4 days, followed by a fight with a cat and a dog at the same time. So for the last four years she’s only seen the inside of our last two houses. […]

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Getting our Shego tattoos.

So I mentioned a little while back that Glenn and I lost our first baby (cat) Shego a few months ago, which was a little bit heartbreaking. We decided that we both wanted to get tattoos of her on our legs, so she could walk on with us. I got a palm sized one on […]

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