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I didn’t take many photos on christmas day, as I spent most of the day enjoying food, drinks and time with family – but I did want to share a few of my favourites!

This christmas was a bittersweet one, as it was spent in the house I had spent all of my christmases in as a child. It’s my aunts house, who passed away earlier this year – so while it was lovely, it was very emotional, and there were quite a few tears throughout the day! It was still lovely though, as all the family was back in Dunedin to spend the day together. The best past was that all of my cousins on my mum’s side were altogether for the first time, and as you can see below, my nan was pretty chuffed to have all of her grandkids in one place :)

Here are a few photos of my christmas – hope you enjoyed yours! x

christmas | secondhand floral-1

christmas | secondhand floral-4christmas | secondhand floral-2christmas | secondhand floral-3
christmas | secondhand floral-5christmas | secondhand floral-6christmas | secondhand floral-7christmas | secondhand floral-8christmas | secondhand floral-9christmas | secondhand floral-10

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