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Distraction and motivation.

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I would love to say that the reasons for my lack of posting here lately are due to so many distractions – that because we have been so busy with weddings, I haven’t had time to post. And we have been busy – we have one or two weddings every weekend until mid May, at least one of which is usually a 2 hour drive away – not to mention portrait shoots (4 this week!), meetings, magazine shoots, and hours in front of the computer editing. (Who said the life of a wedding photographer was glamorous?!) I would also love to say that as Glenn has been getting really into film lately, we’ve not had time to get all of the film developed that documents our everyday adventures.

But these excuses don’t really cut the mustard. I mean, even on the days I am cooped up in the house, I could still post about my office space, my cats, my new purchases…. and we still go out enough that I should be taking photos for myself, with my digital camera, specifically for the blog. So many wedding photographers say that you need to keep up your own personal photography projects in order to maintain that love of shooting that keeps your wedding photography creative. So really, I can’t use the excuse that I’m too busy shooting weddings – I should always be shooting for myself as well.

No, the real reason for my lack of posting is just a lack of motivation. I’ve been posting once or twice a week for about 9 months now, and I’ve hit a bit of a wall. Not in terms of ideas, as I still keep a journal to note down ideas that pop into my head from time to time… but I’ve ran out of the motivation to actually take the photos, and then sit down and pull them into a blog post. I guess because I sit in front of a computer editing most days, when I have free time, I want to be as far away from a computer as possible. (Though, to be fair, my eyes are still glued to the TV. My recent addiction: Veronica Mars.) So it comes back to motivation for posting and maintaining posts.

Yesterday, I had a nice little surprise that I am hoping will help me to kick start my motivation. I was listed by new blogger Fiddle and Spoon as a blogger to keep an eye on, alongside some wonderful bloggers – I could barely believe it! I mean, I have read everywhere that you should blog for yourself, and not for followers. That to maintain motivation (!) you need to blog about what makes you happy, rather than what you think other people want to see. And that if you do gain a following, it will take time. So that’s what I have been doing… but losing my own motivation for what I want to do is what has made this hard. And I think, no-one would notice if I was one of the many bloggers who just dropped off the face of the internet earth. But now that I know that there may be people watching, even enjoying, well… I’m going to keep at it. So even if there are only a few of you out there reading this – thank you!! Your support means a lot to me :)

So here’s to more blogging! I’ll be taking more photos, and we’re also getting a heap of film developed soon. In the meantime, here are some film photos we took with Glenn’s new medium format camera on Archer’s birthday!

film | secondhand floralPORTRAIT-Violet-Jason-2

ellery-jayne - Hello! It’s Ellery (the maid of honour from Emily & Jason’s wedding this June) – I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and it is so lovely ♡♡♡ Look forward to seeing more posts !

Secondhand Floral - Thanks Ellery! As you may have noticed, I’m still struggling with motivation for the blog :) Your blog is lovely! Japan would be such an amazing place to photograph! xxx

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