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Getting our Shego tattoos.

So I mentioned a little while back that Glenn and I lost our first baby (cat) Shego a few months ago, which was a little bit heartbreaking. We decided that we both wanted to get tattoos of her on our legs, so she could walk on with us.

I got a palm sized one on my ankle, while Glenn is getting a bigger one that takes up the back of his calf – his is only half done, so I’ll post some photos of his finished one later, as well as some better ones of mine (it’s a bit swollen at the moment!!) Our tattoos are similar but quite different – mine is a silhouette of her whole (chubby!) frame, while Glenns is a more realistic version of her face. We both have olives in the frame, as that was her favourite food, that cute little weirdo <3

WARNING: some of these photos are taken while we are literally getting our tattoos.. so while they’re not particularly graphic, if you don’t like needles or similar, perhaps these photos won’t appeal to you so much :)

Tattoo artist: Kat Abdy (Instagram: @katabdy)

Skirt: op shopped


Shoes: vintage (from Vintage Shop 11 on Etsy)


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