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Last week I went back to where I was born, Dunedin (New Zealand), for the first time since I was 17. Even then it was just for a quick one week visit, so the last time I was back properly, I was 12… so I don’t remember much. I definitely don’t remember it being so beautiful!! Hills, greenery, beautiful old buildings… stunning! I spent most of the week I was there with family, but I still managed to get a few photos in!

These photos were taken on the only sunny day we had while we were there. It wasn’t even a full day of sun! But I much prefer the cool weather to the Perth heat, so it didn’t bother me too much!! These photos are from when my brother and I went for a short walk around my aunts house, who we were staying with. Only a couple of minutes walk from the most amazing views!

sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-4sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-3sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-5sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-8sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-6sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-7sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-9sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-10sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-11sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-12

And I thought I’d sneak in a quick photo of the windows at my aunt’s house, because I’m in love with them…

sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-2

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