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Learning to knit.

So I mentioned a while back that I had begun learning to knit. Glenn and I had been in a Spotlight for some paint, and thought: let’s buy some needles and some wool! We can just learn off youtube, right? How hard could it be..? Glenn threw a few tantrums and gave up pretty quickly… and while I stuck with it, I felt like I wasn’t really getting anywhere. So after knitting for a couple of weeks, I had hit a wall, and my half knitted laptop case (read: rectangle) is gathering dust in my cupboard.

I still had a real desire to knit, though, so Glenn signed us both up to knitting classes at Studio Bomba. And it couldn’t have been more perfect – a real beginners class, an intimate group with a very understanding teacher (!) who could give one-on-one advice and tips. I had so much fun! We’ve got some homework to do for the next week before our next class – so I’m pretty excited to share my cushion creation next week :) For now, though, here are a few photos of my (and Glenn’s) humble beginnings!
knitting | secondhand floralknitting | secondhand floralknitting | secondhand floralknitting | secondhand floral

Studio Bomba run heaps of fun workshops (you may have seen my post about the flower crown workshop I did a while back) – you can find more out about them here.

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