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Op shopping finds.

Last week I went on an op shopping adventure with my bestie in a little town just outside Perth, called Pinjarra. It’s a very historic and pretty town, so we did a little bit of exploring and adventuring while we were there! I didn’t bring my camera, as I wanted to keep my arms free to carry all of my shopping… but I did take some photos of all of my finds later when I got home!

Pinjarra is a good place to go, as it’s not somewhere we go all the time (see some good tips on op shopping by Hannah Hayes here!), and there is a good mixture of op shops and antiques stores; as well as being a bit cheaper than some of the stores closer to Perth!

Here are a few of my favourite finds:

op shopping-1

This cardigan is a little impractical for the Perth summer…. but it is just so pretty! I am heading to a colder Melbourne then New Zealand summer soon though, so I find that I can justify it to myself :)

op shopping-2

I adore this bag! I love black and brown. It didn’t come with a shoulder strap but I have a strap from another bag that I use for about 4 different bags purchased from op shops without straps!

op shopping-3

I bought THREE denim shirts. Little bit of overkill… but they’re all pretty different, right?! You can see the third one here.

op shopping-4

This dress. Eep! I think it’s going to be that summer dress that I wear all the time. Its one of those dresses that looks like a sack on the hanger, but when you put it on, and put a belt on it – lovely. Plus the print is just a tiny bit aztec, which I am all about right now!

op shopping-5

White blouses with pretty collars. Swoon. I have so many now, but they are just so useful to have!! This one is long sleeved but I’m thinking about taking up the sleeves.

op shopping-6

I have been looking for some loafers like this for so long – they have a little heel so they are a bit dressier than what I was initially looking for, but they’re so pretty I just couldn’t resist!

op shopping-7op shopping-8

And lastly, probably my most exciting find: this yashica. Glenn has wanted one of these for so long, but antique stores charge so much for them – but I found this one for only $35! SCORE. I usually struggle to find anything for Glenn, because the amazing shirts are always XL, the ties are always too fat, the shoes are always too small…. so I was pretty happy to bring him home this present :)

All in all, a pretty productive trip! Should keep me going for… at least a couple of weeks!

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