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White walls, blue skies, and lots of animals.

Yep, that pretty much sums up my time in Santorini.

I’m back in Perth now, but still have SO many travel photos to share – which I will be doing a bit slowly as I’m taking a while to get over my jetlag :/

These photos are mostly from the time we spent in Oia – probably my favourite part of Santorini, due to the cats and dogs that can be found pretty much anywhere!! I really love how much the people there loved the animals, and really seemed to care for them. My kind of place!!

I’ll be posting some photos of England soon, which include a lot more greens and a lot less blues :)

ALL of these clothes are from Dangerfield. I think I have an addiction.




My first two days in Santorini.

Santorini was a bit of a blur for me. I went for my sisters wedding, and she had a whole week of festivities planned that involved a lot of alcohol. I had an amazing time, but didn’t take as many photos as I thought I would have! – but still managed to squeeze a few in.

Here are a few for now, I’ll post some more soon!

Outfit one: Dress (Cotton On)

Outfit two: Dress (Dangerfield)

Outfit three: Onesie (vintage)




I saw online recently that there is a word in Japanese that describes the serenity you feel from being close to trees and nature – it translates literally to ‘forest bathing’. I am definitely one of those people that needs a good forest bath every now and then, just to rejuvenate myself.

While we were in Amsterdam, we had an amazing time, but we squeezed so much in such a short time, on top of our jet lag, that I think we just got too tired and, as couples travelling together tend to do, got a little snippy. So visiting Vondelpark, a huge park in Amsterdam, was just what we needed to rejuvenate ourselves :)

Dress: ASOS

Cardigan: COTTON ON (similar HERE)

Boots: vintage

Necklace: Jutka & Riska

Cat boat.

So as you may have realized at this point, Glenn and I are massive cat people. We like all animals really, but we have a special obsession reserved just for cats.

So when Glenn found a cat shelter based on a boat, that people can visit, of course we had to go.

The cat boat is based on a canal in Jordaan, and just asks a donation for entry. The cats are a little skittish (which is understandable!), so while we didn’t get to pet as many as we would have liked, we did take lots of photos :)

There is also a way to donate to The Cat Boat online, if you’re interested: just follow this link

Exploring Amsterdam.

The amount of walking we have done in Amsterdam is phenomenal. We are both such sedentary creatures, that our legs are not quite able to keep up with us! Despite our weary bones, we have been all over the city, exploring and, of course, taking a million photos.

We went for a bike tour through Urban Adventures on our first full day, which was great as we got to see so many areas we wouldn’t have found otherwise, and as it was only the two of us, our lovely guide tailored it just for us, and gave us some tips about bars and cafes we should visit. We have also explored a few of the markets that are around (as you saw in my last post!), have visited some amazing shopping areas (Haarlemmerstraat was definitely a highlight!), explored a bit of the red light district (…though I found it too confronting to stay too long!) and visited some of the pretty parks.

These photos are from all of our trip, but mostly from one particular day where we explored the Jordaan area. I think to sum up our photographic representation of Amsterdam: buildings, bikes, boats and flowers.

Top: op shopped


Shoes: vintage (from VINTAGE SHOP 11 on Etsy)

Necklace: snug

Bag: op shopped