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Today we went to an organic farmers market in Jordaan, which has probably been my favourite part of Amsterdam so far. The colours of the flowers and fruits were so bright, I was in heaven!

I have so many more Amsterdam photos to share, but I am so exhausted after the last two days of walking (…I’m not very fit) that I only have the energy for a short post for now! So here are some pretty flowers and luscious fruits :)

marie - Looks amazing – and I lovE loVe LOve the flowers!!!!


Yesterday we arrived in Brussels, feeling a bit fragile from the 20 hours of flying, but excited to start exploring! We needed to buy our train tickets for Amsterdam for this morning, and by the time we got to the train station, lined up, and bought our tickets, we were completely spent. So instead, we went to bed at 8pm (…it was still light out) and got up at 7 to have a few hours of exploring before we got on the train.

So this morning we wandered around the scenic area around Grand-Place, before walking down to the Marolles flea markets. I feel like we still got a good taste for how pretty Brussels is, despite only being there for 16 hours! Now we are in Amsterdam for a few days, and I can’t wait to share more photos soon :)

And even though this is a bit blurry and a lot cheesy, I just had to include this shot of Glenn and I in our hotel elevator :)

Dress: Black Friday

Shoes: vintage

Bag: op shopped

Recent purchases.

I have been on a bit of a spending spree lately. Which is funny, considering I don’t know when I have found time (or the money!) to do this, with how much time I’ve been spending writing my thesis! A LOT of it has been online, which is a bit dangerous… I’m so bad at keeping track of what I spend!

I also went shopping with my mum recently for a dress for my sisters wedding in Santorini, which is in a few weeks (I CAN”T WAIT!), and of course picked up a few other things while I was there.

Here are a few of my favourite recent purchases! First: two dresses and a onesie from Dangerfield.

How cute is this Hungry Caterpillar tote from Modcloth?! I am obsessed!!

I also love these necklaces from Modcloth – on the other side of the Caterpillar tote :)

I love apples and pears. Glenn and I got married in an orchard (hence the apple tattoo on my wrist), so when I saw this pear necklace at the Clay and Clasp I just couldn’t resist!

Lastly, my main obsession: Shoes. I’ve bought a lot of vintage shoes from Etsy lately (the pair on the right are from SparrowLyn), but my complete OBSESSION at the moment is the Sportsgirl pair on the left. I just wear them around the house and stare at them…

Not that I need any more excuses to shop… but where are your favourite places to shop, both in RL and online?

Pastures new.

Well, I did it! I submitted my thesis. It was a slightly anxiety inducing day – and not just because we only arrived 5 minutes before the office closed (classic Lauren and Glenn…), but also because this is kind of a huge deal. I mean, I’m still going to be doing some teaching until the end of the year, but… after that, I’m taking a full year off from academia. Just focusing on photography. Yes, I’m excited, but I’m also a bit terrified… I can’t wait to see these new pastures!

Before I visit these figurative new pastures, we’re off to see some literal ones – a few spots around Europe, to be more exact. We’re headed to Santorini for my sisters wedding, so we’re squeezing in some time in Amsterdam, Brussels and London while we’re in the area. So while I am aiming to flood the blog with travel photos over the next few weeks, I am unsure of what our internet access will be like – but I’ve still got a few other blog posts to share before then.

Wish us luck on our new adventures, we may need it!