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Theatre Gardens.

In the final days before handing in my thesis (which has been completed! WOO!), I was going a bit stir crazy being cooped up in my house with my computer – so one afternoon we took a break and went for a walk up to the Theatre Gardens in Subiaco. It was SO lovely and relaxing, exactly what I had needed! (I think the pink lipstick cheered me up a bit too!)

Check out Glenn in his Maebe t shirt! It turns out we are both the kind of people that wear t shirts with photos of our cats on them … (you can see mine here!)

Top: op shopped

Skirt: Dangerfield

Shoes: Sportsgirl

Necklace: Empty Casket

Bracelet: MinkPink, similar here

What I wear to weddings.

So I should first clarify, this is what I wear to weddings as a photographer, rather than as a guest – though I would probably wear a lot of these outfits as a guest as well! (My most dressed up isn’t as dressed up as other people…)

Secondly, I should point out that we do not wear black polos and black pants to weddings. Our approach is, if we accidentally get in each others shots (which happens all the time!), we don’t want to obviously stick out as the ‘workers’ – we want to blend in with the other guests. And most importantly, the kind of wedding photography genre we inhabit tends to appreciate uniqueness and colour rather than blending in to the background!

I tend to wear dresses that are in between dressy and casual, and that are colourful without being TOO bright (so it’s not too distracting when I’m in the background of photos!) They are usually vintage, though occasionally I’ll wear a vintage inspired dress (which is always from Dangerfield!) I always tend to wear short dresses/skirts, but I make sure that they aren’t too short, as you never know where a wedding day will take you! (I also wear bike shorts or tights, just in case!)

I also base my outfits a lot on the couple themselves. The most recent wedding we had was with a super cool couple, so I dressed up my black dress with a colourful necklace, emerald cardigan and mustard tights. Some couples are super casual, and for them I tend to wear a less dressy dress, or a nice blouse and high waisted skirt.

As for shoes, I ALWAYS wear my boring black flats. While I love my vintage shoes, they do not treat my feet well when I am standing for eight hours! I also wear natural make up, and usually have my hair tied in a bun (so it’s classy, but requires no effort or maintenance!)

Here are some of the outfits that have made a few appearances at weddings this year!

And here is a quick BTS shot from a recent wedding – I was for some reason jumping to test something, don’t ask me why! :)

It is so funny, because as I was working on this post, a discussion started up about this very topic in a photography group I’m a part of – and I got some great tips! So if you have any more to share, I’d love to hear them :)

Aimee - I love your clothes! The red polka dot dress is so cute! Tip for shooting down south – wear boots! There are too many paddocks with locusts and bull ants to be getting around in sandals! :)

Secondhand Floral - Thanks Aimee! That is such a good point about the boots – we almost ALWAYS end up in long grass, and I end up covered in mosquito bites! One day I will remember to bring bug spray with me :)

Walking in the rain

Recently we went for a walk around Lake Jualbup in Shenton Park – it is so scenic there! We wandered around in the rain, watching the ducks and, of course, taking photos of each other. It was quite a sweet afternoon :)

Top: vintage (purchased from KooKooKachoo Vintage - the owner of the shop is blogger The Moptop!)

Skirt: DANGERFIELD, similar here

(Men’s) boots: Op shopped

Bag: vintage (purchased from 20TWENTY VINTAGE on Etsy)

Oh, and Glenn’s amazeballs cat jumper is from Skip n’ Whistle. I have one too which I shall have to share soon :)

Olivia - You have a really cute blog. I really like your photos! You have some cute tattoos also! xx

Secondhand Floral - Thanks Olivia! Your blog is great – I love that cape in your latest post!! xxx

Maebe and Archer outside.

Maebe and Archer are inside cats. Maebe used to be an outside-sometimes cat, but then she got locked in a neighbours shed for 4 days, followed by a fight with a cat and a dog at the same time. So for the last four years she’s only seen the inside of our last two houses. Archer, meanwhile, has been with us for four months and hasn’t been outside since we got him from the Cat Haven.

So you can imagine that it was pretty exciting for all four of us when Timbo (also our landlord) rigged up some netting in our back courtyard. Now our cats have an outdoor area to explore :) Here are some photos of their very first explore outside.

Photos mostly by me, but some stolen from Glenn :)