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Graffiti and floral pants.

We had another meeting in Fremantle a couple of weeks ago, and this time we wandered around a graffiti filled area near the water, it’s very cool!

I also wanted to share my amazing floral pants – I feel like they’re too special to wear too often! I bought them from ASOS a while ago (… I bought them to wear for christmas) but there are are so many others that I am tempted by at ASOS (here and here) and the Iconic (here and here).

Floral pants: ASOS (similar here)

Top: op shopped

Jacket: op shopped

Shoes: vintage (from Vintage Shop 11 on Etsy)

Necklace: actually a headband from Lovers and Dreamers, similar here

Getting our Shego tattoos.

So I mentioned a little while back that Glenn and I lost our first baby (cat) Shego a few months ago, which was a little bit heartbreaking. We decided that we both wanted to get tattoos of her on our legs, so she could walk on with us.

I got a palm sized one on my ankle, while Glenn is getting a bigger one that takes up the back of his calf – his is only half done, so I’ll post some photos of his finished one later, as well as some better ones of mine (it’s a bit swollen at the moment!!) Our tattoos are similar but quite different – mine is a silhouette of her whole (chubby!) frame, while Glenns is a more realistic version of her face. We both have olives in the frame, as that was her favourite food, that cute little weirdo <3

WARNING: some of these photos are taken while we are literally getting our tattoos.. so while they’re not particularly graphic, if you don’t like needles or similar, perhaps these photos won’t appeal to you so much :)

Tattoo artist: Kat Abdy (Instagram: @katabdy)

Skirt: op shopped


Shoes: vintage (from Vintage Shop 11 on Etsy)


Visiting Whiteman Park Print.

A little while ago we went to Whiteman Park Print, to get some photos of the letterpress machines at work for Hello May (I’ll post an update when the photos go up!). It was such an awesome experience – all of the machines are so old but still working, and such works of art. Anne and Phil showed us around, showed us how the machines work, and let us hover over them as they worked while we took photos. I think I may be slightly obsessed with letterpress now :)

The parkland around the shop is really pretty too – real Australian bushland, so we took some photos on our way out!

And here’s a sneaky one that Glenn took of me next to one of the machines :)

Top: purchased from Spitalfield markets in London

Skirt: vintage (purchased at the Polka Dot vintage markets in Perth)

Shirt: op shopped

Scarf: Lushous

Shoes: vintage (purchased from 20Twenty vintage on Etsy)

My mum’s house.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a few days at my mum’s house in the Perth hills. It’s such a serene area and the house itself is so beautiful that I always feel like I’m on holiday when I go out there. It’s a great place for a writing retreat, but this time it was also good as Mum and Timbo (my stepdad) were away, so it was just me and my brother hanging out for a few days. He moved to Melbourne yesterday (which I’m in denial about) so it was good to have some quality time with him!

Mum’s house if filled with amazing vintage and cultural treasures, so its  very photogenic – and her two Abyssinian cats help a bit too! So I took a few photos of the pretty things while I was there last.

I made this key holder when I was 14, and my mum has kept it all these years :)

And while we’re reminiscing: here’s a photo of Sean and I when we were 16 and 17. Nerds.

My mum has collected her wares from all over the world, but if there is anything in particular that you want to know about, send me an email and I can ask her about it :)