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So I thought I’d break up all the Donnelly River posts with something a little different- by introducing my addiction to gift wrap.

I don’t just love the process of wrapping, I also love all the stuff – the butcher paper, the twine, the tags, but ESPECIALLY the washi tape. I am starting quite the collection :)

Part of my job for Still Love is to do the packaging for our clients – Glenn is changing it soon so I have to make the most of getting to wrap while I can! I had two good friends’ birthdays recently, and while I loved wrapping their gifts, they were really weird shapes… so it’s nice to go back to wrapping DVD cases :)

Butcher paper and tags: here

Washi tape: here, here and here

Twine: here

Stamps: here, here and here

Camera tape dispenser: here

Custom business stamp: here