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The kangaroos and emus of Donnelly River.

We went to Donnelly River for a few days this week, and its easily one of my favourite places in the whole world. Old vintage cottages full of vintage furniture and crockery, forests, abandoned buildings, and most of all – friendly emus and kangaroos that love to be fed :)

I’ll be putting up a few posts from Donnelly River soon, as we did a lot of exploring! For now, here are a couple of shots of the friendly animals :)

Top: op shopped

Skirt: vintage (purchased from the Gilles Street Markets in Adelaide)

Shirt: Target


I love packing. That might sound a bit weird, but I love being organized, I love clothes and I love my luggage… so it makes sense to me!

I often have to plan out my outfits when packing, so I don’t end up packing a random skirt that doesn’t go with anything. I also end up packing a few extra outfits, just in case! I’m not a very light packer :)

I’m completely in love with all of my vintage travel gear – the suitcase, which is actually a sewing machine case I found in an op shop; the carpet bag I got from a vintage store; and the make up case my mum found for me at a garage sale. The second hand trifecta :)

Suitcase: op shopped

Carpet bag: vintage, bought from Fi and Co

Make up case: garage saled

Polka dots and rain.

Today we had organised a shoot with some friends (one of them is the super talented Bec behind the amazing flowers of  Fox and Rabbit – if you visit the site you will see my face on it!) at the little carnival in Mandurah. Unfortunately, due to all the rain, the place was closed, so we took a few shots around the deserted rides before heading to an abandoned (theme park) castle.

It was a pretty fun day, the first time we got to shoot in the pouring rain – can’t wait to go through the photos!

And here is a quick one of me doing my best impression of a drowned rat…. the things we’ll do for a photo :)

Dress: op shopped

Belt: Transit

Shoes: Cotton On (similar here)

Bag: op shopped

Paisley and Autumn.

Autumn is officially over. It’s winter. I love a change of seasons, as it means a change of wardrobe – and to be honest, winter is my favourite. I love boots, tights, cardigans, jackets, scarves… plus I don’t handle the Perth summer very well :)

Today we went for a walk around Subiaco, among the last of the autumn leaves (literally among them, as you will see!) I’m a little bit in love with these men’s work boots that I found in an op shop, and this secondhand paisley skirt that I had taken up so it was less dowdy and more Lauren :)

We met another cat on our travels! Well, to be honest, that’s part of why we go for walks :)


Top: Cotton On (similar here)

Skirt: op shopped (was calf length, but I had it taken up)

Jacket: op shopped

(Men’s) boots: Op shopped

Necklace: Op shopped chain with vintage key

Secondhand Floral couch.

We have decided to start a secondhand floral loungeroom. We want comfy, mismatched floral couches, so we’ve been scouring gumtree and op shops for a perfect fit. So far we’ve got a one seater that fit the bill, which we found on gumtree. We don’t get to sit on it very often though, as Maebe has claimed it as her own :)