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Game of Thrones and dinner.

Last night Glenn and I went to a Game of Thrones themed dinner with a few friends. There was no official award, but I’m pretty sure I won best dressed :)

The best thing about a GoT theme is that there are so many redheads to choose from! I almost went as Sansa (wearing the medieval crushed velvet dress that I wore to my year 12 ball… I was such a cool kid.), but ended up being more drawn to being Melisandre. She’s kind of evil but I am enthralled by her character nonetheless!

I really love being able to make my own costume using pieces I find myself, rather than buying a full costume online. This costume was mostly taken from op shops (the dress and the jewellery), while I found the secondhand cape on Etsy. Meanwhile Glenn took the easy way out and bought a onesie from Kigu :)

secondhand floral

secondhand floral

Op shop finds.

Last week was HECTIC with lots of markings and shoots, and so I had a day off today to relax and get  some errands done – firstly to dye my hair (which was SO overdue) and also to go op shopping for a costume for a Game of Thrones dinner I’m going to on Friday (photos to come!).

Of course, while op shopping, I couldn’t help but keep an eye out for other pretty things I might like to purchase :) So this outfit is made up of my finds – the jacket, scarf and dress were all bought at one op shop in Subiaco. Glenn and I went for a quick walk around the neighbourhood afterwards to get some photos of my new outfit – and met a friendly cat on our travels :)

secondhand floral blogpost12_opshop-6 secondhand floral secondhand floral secondhand floral secondhand floral secondhand floral secondhand floral secondhand floral secondhand floral

Dress, jacket and scarf: all from the Salvos op shop in Subiaco. Their clothes tend to be a lot more expensive than other op shops, but they’re a much better quality!

Exploring Fremantle.

Fremantle is such an interesting and diverse area. Every time I go there I find something new and pretty to take photos of. It’s really a must-visit area for anyone who comes to Perth, no matter what your interests!

We had a client meeting in Freo this morning, so we went for an explore afterwards :)

secondhand floral 11-1 secondhand floral 11-10 secondhand floral 11-2 secondhand floral 11-4 secondhand floral 11-11 secondhand floral 11-6 secondhand floral 11-13 secondhand floral 11-12 secondhand floral 11-3 secondhand floral 11-8 secondhand floral 11-5 secondhand floral 11-7 secondhand floral 11-14 secondhand floral 11-15 secondhand floral 11-16

Dress: Vintage (from pop up vintage store in Northbridge)
Cardigan: Dangerfield
Bag: Op shopped
Shoes: Op shopped
Necklace: Pigeonhole

Maebe and t shirt.

So, it turns out I’m one of those people who wears t shirts with pictures of my cats on them.

When we were in the Gold Coast a few months ago, we came across a stall at Surfers Paradise markets that screen printed phone (read: instagram) photos on t shirts, right there and then. Scrolling through my instagram photos, what else would I choose but a picture of Maebe wearing glasses?? (…. I was pretending she was Professer McGonagall.)secondhand floral 10-1 secondhand floral 10-2 secondhand floral 10-3

Top: screen printed photo of Maebe from my instagram feed (@laurenjhall) made by Instathreds
Skirt: Op shopped