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Fur family photos.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to post some photos of my cats!

We took some photos of each other and our two cats this afternoon – though as you can see, Maebe, our older cat, was less than impressed.

About a month ago, we lost our first cat, and essentially first child, Shego. It was very traumatic for both of us, as she was only 6 and we had hoped for a lot more years with her. Maebe was really lonely on her own, so we decided to get a new kitten from the Cat Haven – and that is how Archer joined our family. He harasses Maebe to no end, but once he has grown into himself we are sure that Archer and Maebe will be best of friends :)

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Archer’s first birthday. » Secondhand Floral - […] If you want to see what Archer looked like as a tiny kitten, you can see photos of him here. […]

Tess Stuart - The pictures of Archer as a kitten and his one year old Birthday as some of the loveliest pictures I’ve seen in a long time. I am a Cat Haven supporter and have 5 wonderful felines, not from Cat Haven . It seems as though your Maebe is boss cat, even if she is not bossy. Our dark tortie Maisie has that place in our home. Thanks again for sharing your feline family. Tess :-) :-) :-)

Morning walk.

We went for a walk around Subiaco today, got some coffee and walked through the pretty gardens.
Also, I have a new haircut, which I’m pretty happy with :)
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And I snuck in a photo of my pretty husby:
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Dress: Op shopped
Jacket: Op shopped
Alice in Wonderland necklace: Disney Couture, bought from Atlas Divine