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Peony tattoo.

So apart from being ridiculously busy with weddings (how is it mid March already?!), I got a new tattoo last weekend! My super talented sister Rose Harley did it for me, and I still can’t stop looking at it!

Here are some photos from when it was first done:

peony tattoo | secondhand floralpeony tattoo | secondhand floralpeony tattoo | secondhand floral

You can also find Rose on facebook here.

Archer’s first birthday.

When we first brought Archer home from the cat haven, we thought he was the meekest kitten we had ever met. He was the only kitten who hadn’t been adopted, and was hidden away in a little corner of his pen. He had grey fur all down his back, as if he had suffered something incredibly stressful before he reached the Cat Haven. As soon as I held him, he clung to me and wouldn’t let go. I cried. We knew we had to take him home and, as one of my good friends says, ‘nourish’ him. As soon as we got him home, he started running around, harassing his older sister, and became the rambunctious little man that he is today. All he needed was a home.

After having Archer for a few months, we realised that he was a bit too rambunctious for Maebe… and that he needed a kitten closer to his own age to roll around with. So back to the Cat Haven we went, and added little Luna to our family. The first day we introduced Luna to Archer, they chased each other around the house non stop, and when we gave them a break from each other, Archer ran around the house trying to find her. It was clear from very early on that Archer and Luna were becoming the best of friends. Meanwhile, Maebe likes to watch them play from the sidelines, only joining in when she’s feeling a bit energetic :)

So as you can imagine, being the tight-knit fur family that we are,  we like to take the opportunity to spoil Archer, and all of our kittens, when we can. So when Archer turned one, we threw him a little cat birthday. Complete with cat bunting, confetti, cupcake shaped food and some pretty toys. It was quite the shindig. And as you can see, Archer is a pretty happy one year old, and all of the grey has grown out :)

kitten birthday | secondhand floral-1kitten birthday | secondhand floral-2kitten birthday | secondhand floral-6kitten birthday | secondhand floral-3kitten birthday | secondhand floral-5kitten birthday | secondhand floral-7kitten birthday | secondhand floral-8kitten birthday | secondhand floral-9kitten birthday | secondhand floral-10kitten birthday | secondhand floral-11kitten birthday | secondhand floral-13kitten birthday | secondhand floral-12kitten birthday | secondhand floral-14kitten birthday | secondhand floral-15kitten birthday | secondhand floral-17kitten birthday | secondhand floral-18kitten birthday | secondhand floral-16kitten birthday | secondhand floral-19kitten birthday | secondhand floral-20kitten birthday | secondhand floral-22kitten birthday | secondhand floral-23kitten birthday | secondhand floral-21kitten birthday | secondhand floral-24kitten birthday | secondhand floral-25

If you want to see what Archer looked like as a tiny kitten, you can see photos of him here.

Bits and pieces: Confetti (Poppies for Grace); Card (Rifle Paper Co); bunting (diy, using a stamp and some washi tape); teepee and cabin (uncommon goods, also available from Studio Bomba).

My outfit: dress and skirt (op shopped), necklace (Elk); flower crown and boutonniere (diy).

jaymie - I love this so much – gave me big smiles on the train on the way home from work.

marie - Rudunkulously cute pics girl… and a surprising candid shot of the elusive Maybe whose tail is usually more prevalent in photo opps…..

Kendall - This is pretty much the best thing I have ever seen – in love with it! what a happy cat! just adorable!

Sarah - What a wonderful story! You are inspiring.

Belinda - All of us girls here in the Studio are “oohing” and “aaahing” over your photos Lauren. L.O.V.E!! Such a fabulous idea. I’m inspired to throw a birthday party for my pups this year. Thanks for sharing xoxo

Emma - Well this blog post made me cry then laugh. Happy Birthday Archer – I’m so happy you’ve found such an amazing family!

Picnic in the park.

A little while ago, it was my sisters birthday, so we had a picnic in the park, and watched a movie under the stars, to celebrate.

I made her a floral crown for her birthday – her favourite colour is yellow and she likes to stand out from the crowd, so it was fun making this one! I made a slightly more understated one for me and mum as well :)

picnic | secondhand floralpicnic | secondhand floralpicnic | secondhand floralpicnic | secondhand floralpicnic | secondhand floralpicnic | secondhand floralRose birthday-7