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My very first floral creation.

Early in December I attended a floral crown workshop ran by the lovely Bec from Fox & Rabbit, hosted by the lovely people at one of my favourite places in Perth, Studio Bomba. I am utterly obsessed with floral crowns (as I have ranted about before!) so it seemed necessary for me to learn how to make my own! I’ve already made a couple since the workshop (as you will have seen in my instagram post!), so it really was worth it!

Here are a few photos of my very first floral creation :)

flower crown workshop | secondhand floral-3
flower crown workshop | secondhand floral-2flower crown workshop | secondhand floral-1flower crown workshop | secondhand floral-4flower crown workshop | secondhand floral-5

Dress: op shopped

You can find out about more Studio Bomba workshops here.

Learning to knit. » Secondhand Floral - […] Bomba run heaps of fun workshops (you may have seen my post about the flower crown workshop I did a while back) – you can find more out about them […]

Moeraki boulders.

On our last day in NZ, we had to make the drive from Dunedin to Christchurch airport. The drive is very familiar to my family, as we used to live in Christchurch, and drive down to visit family often on the weekends. It’s a really pretty drive, and one of the many pretty sights along the way is the moeraki boulders. They are a whole lot of giant round stones that scatter the beach – it’s pretty impressive!

My one week in NZ was such a whirlwind so I can’t wait to go back again in August, and show Glenn around Dunedin, as well as taking a trip back to Queenstown! It’s going to be amazing!

moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-1moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-2moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-3moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-4moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-5moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-6moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-7moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-9moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-12moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-13moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-14moeraki boulders | secondhand floral-15

2013 on instagram.

I’m a little bit addicted to instagram. I try to post something every day, and I check it constantly. I guess as a photographer, it makes sense that my favourite form of social media is focussed upon photos.

So I thought it might be nice for me to farewell 2013 by sharing some of my instagram photos! I held back a bit on sharing too many of my cats :) If you want to see more, you can find me here (@secondhandfloral).

instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-13instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-11instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-5instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-12instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-14instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-1instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-15instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-6instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-16instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-4instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-7instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-8instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-9instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-10instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-3instagram 2013 | @secondhandfloral-2

1. a bike in a forest from a shoot | 2.  iphones out to lunch… guess which is mine? | 3. Maebe cakes | 4. the ledge in my kitchen | 5. wolf lane, scouting for a shoot | 6. archer and papa | 7. wolf lane again! | 8. kinfolk dinner | 9. a flower crown workshop | 10. sleepy Luna | 11.Floral crowns for my brothers birthday | 12. triangle graffiti in melbourne | 13. melbourne building | 14. lost and found markets | 15. my christmas floral crown made from my nan’s garden | 16. my christmas wrapping

You can find me on instagram: @secondhandfloral xx


Rainy Dunedin.

So, from what I’ve been told, these rainy photos of Dunedin far better represent what every day life is like there, more than the sunny photos I shared here. But it’s even pretty when it’s raining!! Perhaps especially so – as there is fog overhanging the hills and it starts to look pretty magical.

These photos are from a day when my mum took my brother and I on a short tour around Dunedin – we went to St Kilda beach, my uncle’s house (who just happens to live at the top of Baldwin st, the steepest street in the world), and the university.

rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-1rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-2rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-3rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-4rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-5rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-6rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-7rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-8rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-9rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-10rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-11rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-12rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-13rainy dunedin | secondhand floral-14