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I didn’t take many photos on christmas day, as I spent most of the day enjoying food, drinks and time with family – but I did want to share a few of my favourites!

This christmas was a bittersweet one, as it was spent in the house I had spent all of my christmases in as a child. It’s my aunts house, who passed away earlier this year – so while it was lovely, it was very emotional, and there were quite a few tears throughout the day! It was still lovely though, as all the family was back in Dunedin to spend the day together. The best past was that all of my cousins on my mum’s side were altogether for the first time, and as you can see below, my nan was pretty chuffed to have all of her grandkids in one place :)

Here are a few photos of my christmas – hope you enjoyed yours! x

christmas | secondhand floral-1

christmas | secondhand floral-4christmas | secondhand floral-2christmas | secondhand floral-3
christmas | secondhand floral-5christmas | secondhand floral-6christmas | secondhand floral-7christmas | secondhand floral-8christmas | secondhand floral-9christmas | secondhand floral-10


Last week I went back to where I was born, Dunedin (New Zealand), for the first time since I was 17. Even then it was just for a quick one week visit, so the last time I was back properly, I was 12… so I don’t remember much. I definitely don’t remember it being so beautiful!! Hills, greenery, beautiful old buildings… stunning! I spent most of the week I was there with family, but I still managed to get a few photos in!

These photos were taken on the only sunny day we had while we were there. It wasn’t even a full day of sun! But I much prefer the cool weather to the Perth heat, so it didn’t bother me too much!! These photos are from when my brother and I went for a short walk around my aunts house, who we were staying with. Only a couple of minutes walk from the most amazing views!

sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-4sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-3sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-5sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-8sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-6sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-7sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-9sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-10sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-11sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-12

And I thought I’d sneak in a quick photo of the windows at my aunt’s house, because I’m in love with them…

sunny dunedin | secondhand floral-2

Rainy Dunedin. » Secondhand Floral - […] Dunedin far better represent what every day life is like there, more than the sunny photos I shared here. But it’s even pretty when it’s raining!! Perhaps especially so – as there is fog […]

Recent purchases | Melbourne.

I have been on a complete shopping spree while in Melbourne. I have barely left Fitzroy yet I have visited more vintage and design and amazing boutiques than I can even remember. But I will try to remember where I got all of these beauties from in case any of them tickle your fancy!

To start, some little bits and pieces – my absolute favourites are from Dagmar Roussett, this tassel bracelet and earrings! I can’t stop looking at them.

melbourne shopping | secondhand floral-1

So, you would think this is a killer python. But no, this is a bracelet! Whaaat? have an amazing selection of resin jewellery that looks good enough to eat!

melbourne shopping | secondhand floral-2

Next: lots and lots of vintage. These pieces are from Sheila Vintage, Vintage Garage, and Hunter Gatherer.

melbourne shopping | secondhand floral-4melbourne shopping | secondhand floral-6

melbourne shopping | secondhand floral-3melbourne shopping | secondhand floral-7

And lastly, a new dress from Princess Highway. I have an real soft spot for vintage looking pieces that don’t have some of the downsides of vintage (weird fits, uncomfortable material – you know how it is!)

melbourne shopping | secondhand floral-5

I’m certain there will be more shopping to share with you once I hit NZ!


Abbotsford convent.

So I have been in Melbourne for about a week now (visiting my brother and his girlfriend) and haven’t really taken many photos. I’ve done a lot of shopping (photos to come!) and even more relaxing. I’ve kind of enjoyed not carrying my camera around all the time!

I have taken some photos though – on the weekend, Sean and Jacinta took me to Abbotsford Convent. It is so so lovely! – amazing old buildings, cute cafes, markets, fields, and even an outdoor cinema and bar right in the middle! I wish I lived here just so I could visit it every weekend.

abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-4
abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-2abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-3

abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-1abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-5abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-6abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-7abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-8abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-9abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-10abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-11abbotsford convent | secondhand floral-12

Foraging in the forest.

A little while ago I had the pleasure of working with my lovely friend Stacey Clark, which was of course incredibly exciting, but at the same time a little bit nerve-racking – as I’ve always had Glenn to rely on in these kinds of shoots, and this time I was completely on my own. So this was a necessary step for me, to give me the confidence to work on my own and take some leaps!

The shoot was for a wreath tutorial for the Bowerhouse newsletter – and I felt pretty proud to be a part of it! The afternoon consisted of wandering around the forest, foraging for leafy items, a small amount of giggling, the construction of a beautiful natural wreath that is now hanging on my door, and just some general relaxation through forest bathing (I swear this is a real thing – there’s even a wikipedia definition :) )

If you want to see the tutorial, you can find it on the Bowerhouse blog here!

foraging | secondhand floral-1foraging | secondhand floral-2foraging | secondhand floral-3foraging | secondhand floral-4foraging | secondhand floral-5foraging | secondhand floral-6foraging | secondhand floral-7foraging | secondhand floral-8foraging | secondhand floral-9foraging | secondhand floral-10foraging | secondhand floral-11foraging | secondhand floral-12If you want to make your own wreath, you can see the tutorial on the Bowerhouse blog!