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Op shopping finds.

Last week I went on an op shopping adventure with my bestie in a little town just outside Perth, called Pinjarra. It’s a very historic and pretty town, so we did a little bit of exploring and adventuring while we were there! I didn’t bring my camera, as I wanted to keep my arms free to carry all of my shopping… but I did take some photos of all of my finds later when I got home!

Pinjarra is a good place to go, as it’s not somewhere we go all the time (see some good tips on op shopping by Hannah Hayes here!), and there is a good mixture of op shops and antiques stores; as well as being a bit cheaper than some of the stores closer to Perth!

Here are a few of my favourite finds:

op shopping-1

This cardigan is a little impractical for the Perth summer…. but it is just so pretty! I am heading to a colder Melbourne then New Zealand summer soon though, so I find that I can justify it to myself :)

op shopping-2

I adore this bag! I love black and brown. It didn’t come with a shoulder strap but I have a strap from another bag that I use for about 4 different bags purchased from op shops without straps!

op shopping-3

I bought THREE denim shirts. Little bit of overkill… but they’re all pretty different, right?! You can see the third one here.

op shopping-4

This dress. Eep! I think it’s going to be that summer dress that I wear all the time. Its one of those dresses that looks like a sack on the hanger, but when you put it on, and put a belt on it – lovely. Plus the print is just a tiny bit aztec, which I am all about right now!

op shopping-5

White blouses with pretty collars. Swoon. I have so many now, but they are just so useful to have!! This one is long sleeved but I’m thinking about taking up the sleeves.

op shopping-6

I have been looking for some loafers like this for so long – they have a little heel so they are a bit dressier than what I was initially looking for, but they’re so pretty I just couldn’t resist!

op shopping-7op shopping-8

And lastly, probably my most exciting find: this yashica. Glenn has wanted one of these for so long, but antique stores charge so much for them – but I found this one for only $35! SCORE. I usually struggle to find anything for Glenn, because the amazing shirts are always XL, the ties are always too fat, the shoes are always too small…. so I was pretty happy to bring him home this present :)

All in all, a pretty productive trip! Should keep me going for… at least a couple of weeks!

Being thankful.

So thanksgiving isn’t really a thing in Australia. I mean, that makes sense right? Thanksgiving is all about pilgrims and native americans and stuff, so it’s not particularly relevant. But there are still a few people who celebrate it – particularly people like my mum, people who have spent time in the US and realise the value of celebrating it.

After celebrating thanksgiving for the last two years, I am sold. It’s a time to bring people together and enjoy ourselves over food – there’s no obligation, no presents, just a relaxing afternoon with family and friends, feeling grateful for what we have. That works for me!

I took a few photos of the set up – it was so lovely! I think my mum missed her calling as a stylist.

(And spot Glenn hiding away from the festivities on his laptop!)

secondhand floral | thanksgiving-1secondhand floral | thanksgiving-3secondhand floral | thanksgiving-12secondhand floral | thanksgiving-2secondhand floral | thanksgiving-4secondhand floral | thanksgiving-5secondhand floral | thanksgiving-9secondhand floral | thanksgiving-10secondhand floral | thanksgiving-6secondhand floral | thanksgiving-7secondhand floral | thanksgiving-8secondhand floral | thanksgiving-14secondhand floral | thanksgiving-13

Marie - Oh beautiful photos daughter dear – glad you loved it. You are loved too Miss Socondhand Floral!

Secondhand Floral - Thanks mum! I’ll just take in your kind words and ignore the misspelling of my blog name….. :)

Denim and floral.

I have had a lovely day today. This morning I had an amazing powow with the very inspiring Stacey Clark Stylist (Perth’s resident Kinfolk representative), and then had a scout of a pretty area of Subiaco for a wedding we’re shooting tomorrow. This is what my life will be like now – exploring WA, and spending time with creative people. I am feeling very excited!

On the weekend I went on an op shopping adventure with another amazing Stacey, and one of my purchases was this denim vest. I wasn’t sure at the time whether it was amazing or ugly… but I have decided that I love it, though I’m not sure many others would agree with me! I’m going to share some more of my op shopping finds soon!

denim | secondhand floral-2denim | secondhand floral-1denim | secondhand floral-5denim | secondhand floral-3denim | secondhand floral-4denim | secondhand floral-6denim | secondhand floral-7denim | secondhand floral-8

Sunglasses: Sportsgirl

Bracelet: Alister Yiap

Top: op shopped

Shorts, shoes, bag: vintage

(There are SO MANY shoes like this on Etsy – but a few stores have newer versions)

Op shopping finds. » Secondhand Floral - […] I bought THREE denim shirts. Little bit of overkill… but they’re all pretty different, right?! You can see the third one here. […]

A new addition.

So it has been a while between posts! Normally I know when I’ll be busy and have a few posts ready to keep me going, but this time the time just really got away from me! I’ve spent the last week marking exams and not sleeping… it has been full on, but after this week I am finished! So I’ll have lots more time to post blogs, and also more time to spend getting to know our new kitten!!

Yes, that’s right, we have 3 cats now (… and before you ask, we checked with our council first!) so we are officially crazy cat people. Here are a few photos of her introduction to the house (and to Archer’s paws!!)

secondhand floral | new kitten-1secondhand floral | new kitten-2secondhand floral | new kitten-3secondhand floral | new kitten-4secondhand floral | new kitten-5secondhand floral | new kitten-6secondhand floral | new kitten-7secondhand floral | new kitten-8secondhand floral | new kitten-10secondhand floral | new kitten-11secondhand floral | new kitten-9secondhand floral | new kitten-13secondhand floral | new kitten-12secondhand floral | new kitten-14

We got Luna from the Cat Haven; and there are more photos of her over at Still Love.