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Picnic with Maebe.

So…. it’s been a while. I want to try and explain why, so… shit is gonna get a bit deep. Sorry about that.

Secondhand Floral was originally a place for me to document outfits, adventures and kittehs…. and I think my priorities have changed a bit, in terms of how I view photography and in terms of the things I spend my time photographing.

Firstly: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty had a really profound effect on me. I am focussing on trying to ghost cat more… spend more time being present, experiencing the moment, rather than having to document everything all the time. Secondhand Floral was starting to be a place that I felt I constantly needed to fill, so I felt guilt about not sharing enough, rather than feeling joy at having a place to share what I wanted to share. I’ve decided I’m not going to put any pressure on myself to share any more – if I want to, I will, and if not… well, I might not post anything for a few months!!!

Secondly: when I’m shooting in my free time, I’ve started shooting creatives, and blogging them on a new website: So if you want to keep up to date with that, head over there!

For today though, I do have something to share and having this space to share it is making me very happy. I have come down with a very bad case of the flu, you know, that one where you feel like a giant bag of death and wonder whether you’ll ever be able to feel like a human again. So you might be able to tell that I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself (!!), so when Glenn suggested we go out in the backyard and sit on the grass, with Maebe on her little harness, that sounded like the perfect cure…. and that turned out to be a bit of an understatement. I felt the most relaxed I’ve felt in weeks, and just laid across Glenn lazily watching the trees move with the wind (while Glenn sarcastically told me “we’re not in a Ryan Gosling movie!”). Pretty blissful. I took some photos because I wanted to remember how that little act could cause me so much happiness when I thought I wasn’t capable of any.

picnic with maebe-4picnic with maebe-8picnic with maebe-16picnic with maebe-1picnic with maebe-2picnic with maebe-13picnic with maebe-3picnic with maebe-6picnic with maebe-7
picnic with maebe-9picnic with maebe-12picnic with maebe-10picnic with maebe-11picnic with maebe-14picnic with maebe-17picnic with maebe-18picnic with maebe-15picnic with maebe-5You can tell how much I’ve changed from the beginnings of Secondhand Floral by having no photos of me in this post…. instead of changing outfits so I could include photos of myself, I stayed in my oversized pajamas and spent a bit of time documenting and more time being present. My blog might be less pretty because of it, but the balance works much better for me!

Thank you to those of you who stuck around and read my ramblings xxx

Marie Brice - Those pictures ooze relaxation and quietness and peacefulness. When you were about 16 months old, we had a garden with hundreds of daffodils in it. You used to walk past each and every daffodil and stop and lean gently over a sniff each one in turn. Of course daffodils don’t have a smell but that didn’t stop you. Glad you have found your daffodil garden again – and the wisdom to let yourself smell them all.

Amanda - That last photo! Ekkkkkk she looks so happy!! Love this post Lauren xx

Jaymie - How beautiful is Maebe!? So much contentment and joy on her little face xx

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